Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Studio Photos

Just thought we'd share some photos of what's been going on for the last little while. It's been busy around here lately and all is falling into place. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in and helped out.

Jeremy Mann heads up construction of easels and drawing horses.

Here's the new studio on day one. It's probably the last time the floor will ever be that clean again.

We've rigged up a system of curtains so that different parts of the room can work in either natural light or artificial light depending on the current project.

Here's a photo of Lindsey Kustusch who put in some serious hours sewing all that cloth and fashioning it into those curtains. Thanks, Lindsey!!!! You rock.

Coro shows his McGiver ingenuity when he forgot his palette and uses a trash can lid as a substitute.

Mike Bierek explains the importance of thumbnails and how to work out compositions from the imagination.

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  1. Dude awesome. Looks like a great space guys.