Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get your Learn on!!!

The Safehouse Atelier provides a specialized program of study that is heavily based in accurately understanding and representing the visual world and to take the knowledge gained from this study and apply it to work done from the imagination. Classical drawing is learned in tandem with concept design. Classes are taught in a workshop environment where students learn actual studio practices in a hands-on manner directly from instructors who work along with students to demonstrate how the ideas and concepts being learned are put to practical use.

To develop solid draftsmanship, classical methods of drawing and painting are studied on a daily basis. Time honored atelier methods are employed with the students beginning with cast drawing and working their way through cast painting and still-life and then moving on to life drawing, and finally life painting. Other subjects that are addressed on a weekly basis are alla prima painting, gesture drawing, and landscape painting.

On the imaginative side, working methods taken from production studios are used as a basis to teach students how to invent designs for characters, monsters, vehicles, and environments. Illustration and personal work of an inventive nature are also addressed. Real world design problems are used as spring boards for developing work and the process of how to work from the initial concept phase on to the final is heavily examined.

When students are accepted, their current level of experience is taken into account. If a student can demonstrate their command of a subject then they will be advanced to more challenging situations. Since all progress is based on personal achievement, all instruction is tailored specifically to an individual. Because of this the class subjects fluctuate depending on the student.

All instructors are working professionals in their given field. This ensures that working methods have been gained through real world experience so that students may learn practical applications and approaches that may be put into use to immediately further their careers whether it be in galleries or in a design studio.

Classes are held from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.
Tuition is $600 per month.
Enrollment is ongoing.
We are located in San Francisco, CA.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or portfolio submissions at

Long-Pose Figure Drawing/Painting:
We will also be offering evening classes in Figure Drawing and Figure Painting. This class will be geared towards students at an intermediate to an advanced level. Poses will extend for two to three weeks. Plans are to start this program up in September. If you are interested please contact us for more info.


  1. Even though I am all the way across the pacific, I will endorse you guys as much as I can!

  2. I am so PLEASED that it has finally begun. These instructors are hands down, THE best I have ever had the privilege to be trained by. I fully support you guys. Well done. I look forward to being around again. ;) Lot's of love.